Tassie tag-a-long tour

Mark is an old friend of mine, and recently we were chatting on the phone, and Mark was boasting about his new East-Coast Tour. While we were comparing notes on my last trip in a similar area, he said: “why don’t you come down”.

I didn't need much prompting I have got to tell you.

The Tasmania Offroad Adventure East Coast tour is five days on the tracks exploring from Launceston out through to Saint Helen’s. The off-road tracks along the way varied from dirt roads to a little more challenging as we adventured up into the hills. Some sections were a little bit heavier but, with the aid of Mark, even the beginners on tour were able to get through and have a great time.

One of my favourite campsites on tour was a private camping ground, right on the beach. The campground was part of a working cattle farm, and the property manager is a good friend of Marks.
We had a great campfire this night and enjoyed swapping stories between each other.
The birdlife and scenery in this area are terrific, beach on one side and a lake on the other with black swans swimming around.

One of the mine sites we got down into was as big as a football field with passages running off in every direction. The old piping and chains are still there, no damage from vandals, it was so refreshing to see these mines in their natural state.
Entering the adits is spooky at first, but a good torch will sort you out. Keep an eye out for the cave spiders and their nests.

Tassie has, in my opinion, some of the most picturesque waterways in Australia. During the five days, we visited several spectacular waterfalls cascading with clear clean drinking water into creeks and waterways. The amount of wildlife teaming in these forests is inspiring.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit this area, grab it with both hands.

There are so many natural wonders to be experienced along the tour you could spend a year telling your mates about it around future campfires. One these, the rock walls of “The Bay of Fire”, throws stunning colours contrasting against each other in the bay.

Clear blue waters against the brilliant red rocks with a Gumtree backdrop, I recommend taking in a sunset, if you can, to experience it at its best.

Mark took us to an old railway tunnel tucked away in the middle of nowhere built-in 1888. The group had the opportunity to walk the tunnel, and I found wild fruit everywhere, apples, plums and mulberries ripe and ready to eat. All these located within a short distance of each other.

tag-a-long tour with Jamie - Tassie tunnel

Un-used railway tunnel built in 1888

Check out Marks website to see some of his other tours, dates and pricing here:

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