My Campfire Cook-up Kit

It is always great to have a campfire cook up. Breakfast, lunch and dinner the taste is so much better with good company and a campfire.

For the last few years I have been using a range of gear from a little aussie company Campfire Kitchens.

I first met Tony and his family back in 2011 around a fire pit at Lorella Springs and I was sitting around this fire pit and a guy walks over, knocks a spike into the ground, shovels a few coals and starts cooking.

I could not believe how quick and easy it was, and of course me being me, I asked him where he got it. His reply was “I knocked it up myself.”

A couple of years later, Tony now has a roaring family business built on his australian made gear.

In my personal kit I use the spike with the hotplate and grill plate the most, quick and simple. For a cuppa I swing out the billy holder over the fire and swing it out of the way she’s done.

I also use the Belloven, it is a corker. You can use it as an oven or smoker. I personally do both, when I have lamb roast on I throw a couple of smoking chips onto the coals for some added flavour.

There is so much stuff Tony makes, if you are intested in campfire cookups wander of to his website for a gander:

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