Tips & Tricks: Fire starter in the bush

Nothing like getting a good fire going when out in the bush. This is a little simple trick that I use all the time.

It is a simple way to light a fire that nearly anyone can use in just about every situation.
First, the next time you are at the beach keep an eye for some Pumice stone. You will often fine these light weight rocks along the eastern beaches of QLD.

Next keep an eye out for an old tin can or jar, mine is a old peanut butter jar. Fill the tin or jar roughly 1/2 way with some diesel and store the pumice stone in the tin.

When you need to light a fire simply remove the pumice stone from the tin, place it in the middle of a shallow hole for your fire, place some kindling over the top.

With a lighter or fire starter light the diesel, the porous pumicestone has soaked up a bunch of diesel in the tin and will burn long enough to get your fire roaring.

When the fire is out you will find you pumice stone amongst the ash, simply pop it back into the tin ready to use next time.

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